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Factors to Consider When Selecting Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are elemental components of your bathroom as they influence the look and feel you will get. The bathroom is one of the most repeatedly used part of your house by your guest and family members, and that makes it one of the most elemental rooms as well. As such, the tile selection process requires a lot of considerations. For the majority of homeowners, finding the right tiles can be overwhelming because of the plenty of option available with regards to material, shapes, colors as well as styles. The selections may appear endless; however, the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In the post are some essential aspect that one has to factor in the selection process to help you in picking highly suitable tiles for your bathroom.

First of all, determine your spending plan for the tiles you are buying for your bathroom. Bathroom tiles are available in different materials, styles and shapes which affect the price. So you will need to know what you want and how much they go for to give your bathroom a look and feel you envisioned. This may be the challenging part of the purchase considering that one can easily spend more when the collection is wide. It is critical that you stay within your budget to avoid any financial difficulties later on.

Furthermore, ensure that you also consider the color scheme before making a purchase. Creating a color palette can be puzzling, and it is advisable that you start by picking your cabinet and vanity colors before anything else. After that, you can now start creating your tile palette. It would be safer that you go for the lighter tiles and getting a few accessories such as knobs for the pops of color.

Furthermore, ensure that you are checking the size of the tiles you are getting. The world of tile is ever-changing, the small tiles that were once regarded as standards have been replaced by the 12 by 24s. The larger the tiles, the larger the space will look. However, if you prefer the traditional style, you will never go wrong with the basket weave and subway tiles. You could try the 4 by 16 subway tiles if you prefer the transitional, timeless options; they will offer a modern twist to the classic appearance.

You will want to also look at the material of the tiles before making a decision. You can pick glass which is a prevalently used option and is available in a wide selection of colors and styles. The downside is that they are expensive and hard to install than other options. Ceramic would make the perfect choice since they are durable, water-resistant, don’t hold stain and most importantly, cleaning and installation is easy.

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